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Good Sandal (Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya)

Good sandals for walking - When it comes to the worst offenders in the world of men’s sandals, ones designed for serious outdoor activity unggul the daftar. This variety looks more like a full-on shoe with oddball cutouts than a sleek summer sandal. No one would doubt its comfort or utility with a lug sole and all those synthetic water-absorbent materials. After all, something so hideous must have been created to serve a purpose. However, function should never completely trump style. If you’re going to take a hike, do it with a pair of real boots, not a stout sandal..

Kami Menyediakan Berbagai Macam Jenis dan Ukuran Sandal Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya Dengan Harga Murah
Good Sandal (Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya)

Model: Sandal Spon KW Super
Warna: Hitam
Motif: Mika Sablon
Muka: Jepit

Harga Eceran : Rp. 35.000 /pcs
Harga Grosir : Rp.30.000 /1 seri ( 5 pasang nmr seri )

Beli Sekarang !

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