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Quality Sandal (Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya)

Quality sandals uk - Birkenstocks and Tevas are better suited for a sit-in than a night out. You probably owned at least one pair of these granola-crunching shoes at summer camp and wore them with a not-so-subtly witty frat boy style T-shirt, cargo shorts and a hemp necklace. It’s time to grow up. A real man’s sandal should channel casual sophistication, not a bonfire. The ironic thing about these men's sandals is that they are supposed to somehow be practical. The relatively hefty price tag and inability to withstand moisture say otherwise. One stroll on the lakeshore with these, and you’ll be waiting days for them to dry out. In the meantime, you’re left smelling like a dirty locker room.

Kami Menyediakan Berbagai Macam Jenis dan Ukuran Sandal Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya Dengan Harga Murah
Quality Sandal (Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya)

Model: Sandal Spon KW Super
Warna: Hitam, Merah, Putih
Motif: Mika Sablon
Muka: Jepit

Harga Eceran : Rp. 35.000 /pcs
Harga Grosir : Rp.30.000 /1 seri ( 5 pasang nmr seri )

Beli Sekarang !

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